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The Last Stop (Courier Journal)

  1. Louisville’s desegregation myth: How a busing plan hurt Black communities it aimed to help
  2. This could be the last stop for busing at JCPS. Was it worth it?
  3. Segregated again: Why Louisville’s once diverse elementary classrooms are disappearing
  4. Giving up on integration? Why JCPS is breaking its rules for diversity in schools

The Last Stop, the precursor (Courier Journal)

  1. 45 years after Louisville’s busing riots, could a proposal cause schools to resegregate? 
  2. West End kids may be able to go to a school closer to home under a JCPS proposal
  3. ‘Time to right that wrong’: How JCPS’ proposed assignment plan could impact West End kids

JCPS hasn’t heard from thousands of students since schools closed. A quarter speak little English. (Courier Journal)

Why are 6 JCPS principals unfit to turn around their schools? State audits offer few clues. (Courier Journal)

JCPS dress codes punish girls harder than boys, causing them to miss class time. (USA TODAY)

Three decades after Kentucky’s signature education reform law, the education system is on shaky ground. (Courier Journal)

Assaults on JCPS educators appear rare. But teachers say they don’t always report them. (Courier Journal)