JCPS racial equity policy passes, as new U.S. Civil Rights data shows continuing issues

As Kentucky’s largest school district moves forward with a new racial equity policy, fresh national data shows that JCPS’ black students continue to be disproportionately suspended and expelled. In the next district data release following both the policy and this story, JCPS reported drops in suspensions while acknowledging continuing gaps.

Turns out, most Texans actually follow the ‘half-your-age-plus-seven’ marriage rule

What began as an investigative data pursuit turned out to be a strong example of how data can be used in lifestyle pieces. After it was published, this piece hit the top of Austin360's most read list. My initial goal: How many Texans get married before age 18? The end result: How many Texans follow… Continue reading Turns out, most Texans actually follow the ‘half-your-age-plus-seven’ marriage rule